DirecLink Network Enhanced Proportional Trailer Brake Controller (DL-200NE)

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Network Enhanced Version
Proportional Trailer Brake Controller

The DirecLink NE (DL-200NE) is the network enhanced version of the DirecLink. It is designed for use with Tuson RV Brakes' ActuLink Electric-Hydraulic Actuator and ABS system. The DirecLink product line is the most advanced proportional trailer brake controller and diagnostic tool. Plugs directly into your tow vehicle’s computer network, automatically configuring your tow vehicle and trailer’s brake system. The large color display allows you to monitor your trailer brake’s system status and provides warnings when system errors or failures have happened.

Patented Digital Data Network

DirecLink NE, when used in combination with the ActuLink actuator, automatically creates a digital, two-way data network over the existing wires of your tow vehicle and towable. DirecLink NE lets you monitor the status of your towable brake system like never before.

Low-Speed Brake Adjustment

A unique feature of the DirecLink 100 and 200NE brake controller. Many drivers struggle to find a single brake scale setting that works to their satisfaction for all speeds covering highway and in-town driving. This forces the driver to either settle on one scale setting that works OK at high speed and does not lock the brakes up at low speeds or constantly change the settings. The Low-Speed Brake Adjustment is a secondary adjustment to the main “Brake Scale” setting. Once the main Brake Scale is set at the preferred braking level at highway speeds, the Low-Speed Brake Adjustment can be set to add or reduce the brake level at lower speeds. This allows for the proper amount of braking for both highway and in-town driving. Once the two adjustments are made, the DirecLink stores the settings in memory to keep them when the vehicle is turned off.

Data and System Integrity

DirecLink NE’s data network sends braking data in a digital format to the ActuLink actuator and this information is verified with each rapid exchange of data. The DirecLink NE also monitors electrical connection and sensor data integrity to ensure the driver knows the exact status of the towable braking system.

Peace Of Mind With Diagnostics

DirecLink NE automatically displays an alert on its color screen to warn you of any system faults or failures. DirecLink NE’s diagnostics assure you all is well or provides you with the information you need to resolve a problem.

Feature Highlights

  • For 1-6 Axle Trailer
  • Proportional Brake Control, Trailer Size Adjustable
  • The Most Extensive Towing Diagnostics Ever
  • Optimized when paired with the ActuLink Electric-Hydraulic Actuator and ABS system
  • Display in Clear Plain Language, incorporated in Large Color Display
  • Plug & Play, Humanized Design features make DirecLink easy to install and use
  • Automatically Configures to your Tow Vehicle
  • Automatically Configures to your Trailer Brake System

The Most Extensive Towing Diagnostics Ever Available

  • Trailer Connection
  • Tow Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • OBDII Network Connection Integrity
  • Brake Controller Ground Connection
  • Brake Controller Power Connection
  • Engine RPM
  • Blue Wire Current Output
  • Blue Wire Short
  • Blue Wire Voltage Output
  • Brake Switch Voltage
  • Low-Speed Brake Adjustment
  • Transmission Temperature (Ford & GM vehicles using VPW/PWM Network Protocols)
  • HD Truck Module Compatibility
  • Ground Connection to Trailer
  • Tow Vehicle-Towable Data Network Integrity
  • ActuLink Actuator Brake Fluid Level
  • ActuLink Actuator Temperature Level
  • ActuLink Actuator Over-Current Condition
  • ActuLink Actuator Low Voltage Condition
  • ActuLink Actuator Trailer Battery Volt Level Under Load
  • ActuLink Actuator Trailer Battery Amp Level Under Load
  • ActuLink ABS Module Connection Integrity
  • ActuLink ABS Sensor Integrity (4 Sensors)
  • ActuLink ABS Module Valve Integrity (8 Valves)
  • ActuLink ABS Tire Inflation Warnings (4 Tires)
  • ActuLink ABS Hydraulic System Pressure Monitor

DirecLink Brake Controller Works with:

1997 - Present
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Chrysler
2008 - Present
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Volkswagen
  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • Porsche

* Not all models with all years have been tested and verified to operate with the DirecLink, however significant sample testing has been performed spanning the range of vehicles in the supported vehicles networks (listed above) and indicate a wide compatibility with the manufacturers and years listed.

    DL-100 is generally compatible with the following network protocols: 
    • CAN - SAE J1939
    • PWM - SAE J1850
    • VPW - SAE J1850
    When paired with the HD Truck Module (sold separately), the DL-100 and DL-200NE are compatible with most Heavy Duty Trucks:
    • Peterbilt
    • Freightliner
    • Kenworth
    • International
    • Volvo
    • and others

  • DirecLink Products are compatible with Tekonsha style wiring harnesses.

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