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DirecLink Lite Proportional Trailer Brake Controller (DL-50)

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Lite and Affordable Version
Proportional Trailer Brake Controller

The new DirecLink-50 proportional trailer brake controller is lite and affordable with most of the functionality of the DirecLink-100. The Tuson DirecLink product line is the most advanced proportional trailer brake controller and diagnostic tool. Plugs directly into your tow vehicle’s computer network, automatically configuring to your tow vehicle and trailer’s brake system. The large color display allows you to monitor your trailer brake’s system status and provides warnings when system errors or failures have occurred.

It’s A Network Computer

It links with your tow vehicle’s computer network and uses multiple data parameters in a proprietary way to create amazingly proportional trailer braking.

Easy Installation and Set-up

DirecLink automatically syncs with your tow vehicle - just plug it in and let it do the configuring for you. Raise or lower the level of braking and you’re ready to go. No holes to drill, no directional mounting.

Large Color Display

The large color display makes it easy to use the DirecLink as a diagnostic tool for your towable brake system to ensure that all monitored functions are good or to resolve any problems.

Electric Drum or Hydraulic

DirecLink works with electric drum brakes and electric-hydraulic actuators, automatically configuring to match your trailer’s brake type.

Proven Technology

DirecLink uses exactly the same computer network that controls your car, truck or SUV so you can count on this proven technology. By linking the data of your tow vehicle to your trailer brake system, both vehicles work seamlessly together.

Real-Time Data

DirecLink maintains complete situational awareness because it continuously monitors your tow vehicle’s computer network. When you apply the brakes, it has a complete picture of what is happening. DirecLink creates precise braking curves to match the rapidly changing demands of your trailer brakes.

  • Trailer Connection
  • Tow Vehicle Battery Voltage
  • OBDII Network Connection Integrity
  • Brake Controller Ground Connection
  • Brake Controller Power Connection
  • Brake Switch Voltage
  • Blue Wire Voltage Output
  • Blue Wire Current Output
  • Blue Wire Short
  • Engine RPM

DirecLink Brake Controller is compatible with:

1997 - Present
  • Ford
  • General Motors
  • Chrysler
2008 - Present
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Volkswagen
  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • Porsche
DL-50 is generally compatible with the following network protocols: 
  • CAN - SAE J1939
  • PWM - SAE J1850
  • VPW - SAE J1850
DL-50 brake controller is NOT compatible with the HD Truck Module

  • DirecLink Products are compatible with Tekonsha style wiring harnesses.
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