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Professional Testimonials

"Extraordinary safety diagnoses at the touch of a button"

“We experienced exceptional clarity in DirecLink’s communication with the trailer’s braking system, which translated into excellent braking performance, reliable emergency stopping power and extraordinary safety diagnoses at the touch of a button.”

Bill Gehr, Trailer Life Magazine, September 2011

"The braking of both vehicles is remarkably smooth"

“With DirecLink, the braking of both vehicles is remarkably smooth and in-sync with each other. DirecLink is the most advanced brake controller available, but it’s also easy to use and the diagnostics offer peace of mind and added safety while your towing.”

Mark Polk, RV Education 101, Mark’s RV Garage

"I can stop in any situation. I like it - it’s great!"

“The system is really neat. I am really pleased with the way it works. I think the braking whether it is a gradual or emergency stop is smooth - right the way it’s suppose to be. You don’t feel the trailer, nothing is sliding around. I love the feel of that anti-lock brake working - it really feels good. With this system, I am beyond comfortable knowing I can stop in any situation. I like it - it’s great!”

Willie Miller, worked at Newmar for 34 years as an engineer

"Better brakes than my truck has."

“I tow trailers across the country going to pickup shootouts and horse expo’s . On the last trip, in the middle of Denver on I-25, rush hour, the usual traffic and accidents. Many times I had to hit the brakes hard to keep out of my own accident. Then in the next city on the journey, Colorado Springs, another accident - a semi with round bales lost it on a curve. I braked hard in the left lane and stopped as fast as the cars in front of me. With our horse trailers, we try to give enough room for proper braking. But cars keep crowding in front of you. Being able to stop controllably fast in those big cities, kept me on the road and safe. Tuson ABS brakes on my trailer is the best investment I can think of for surviving these trips. Better brakes than my truck has.”

H Kent Sundling (Mr. Truck of MRTruck.com)


Customer Testimonials

"I find it [DirecLink, DL-100] to be the most advanced integrated brake controller I have experienced in my Toyota...It truly is the best after market controller on the market."

-John H.