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Murakoshi Earthquake-proof Latch Series (PFR-TSAα)

In line with Tuson's goals to provide cutting-edge safety technology to everyone whether on the road or at home. Tuson is now proudly selling the Murakoshi Earthquake-proof Latch Series (PFRⓇ-TSAα) from Murakoshi Mfg. Corp in Tokyo, Japan.

The PFRⓇ-TSAα latches are designed for hinged doors and can be used in your home or office. In the event of an earthquake, the PFRⓇ-TSAα latch instantly detects the movement of the earthquake and prevents the hinged door from opening. when tremors stop, the sensor automatically returns to its original position and door can resume normal use. The Murakoshi latches protect contents from falling out and causing injuries or blocking escape routes during an earthquake and remains unlocked when there is no quake for ease of access to cabinet contents. No more child safety locks or 2-step latches to access cabinet contents. Murakoshi PFR-TSAα is the perfect lock.

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