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Murakoshi Earthquake-proof Latch (PFR-TSAα), 2-Piece Set

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When it matters most, it's good to be prepared. Murakoshi's high-performance Earthquake-proof latch series is based on extensive research and experience in Japan.


Product Overview

The Murakoshi Earthquake-proof latches prevent cabinets from violently swinging open during an earthquake preventing unforeseen accidents that can result in injury or blocked escape routes from falling objects. 
Now anyone can install the Murakoshi Earthquake-proof latch with PFR-TSAα version. The PFR-TSAα is a seismic latch designed for hinge-style, frameless cabinet doors*
The PFR-TSAα is the easy-to-install, DIY version of the PFR-TSA (for professionals only). With the integrated main body (latch), construction jig, and the receiver (catch) and double-sided tape already attached to the latch and the catch, positioning during installation is easier than ever. Also, the catch mounted on the cabinet door-side has a self-adjusting design to guarantee a secure latch every time.

* User discretion is advised, the PFR-TSAα latches are designed for frameless style cabinets and are fully mounted flush to the top of the cabinet wall. If installing the latches on non-frameless style cabinets, it is the user's responsibility to ensure proper installation and operation of the latches. Some customers have modified their face-frame cabinets by creating an additional surface for the latch to mount unto. It is very important to have that added surface and latch securely mounted to the cabinet and level with the cabinet frame. If not properly installed, the latches can automatically lock because it is sensing that the surface is not level. If this occurs, see the "PFR-TSAα Force-Release" instructions in the Documents section below.

Product Details

Product Name

 PFR-TSAα (Earthquake-prrof latch for hinged doors) 



  • Retrofitted
  • Silent 
  • Self-adjustment catch 
  • Integrated construction jig
  • Easy-to-install



  • Latch + Catch unit per door (Set of 2 units included per set for double doors)
  • Latch affixed to top cabinet panel and catch affixed to the door using screws
  • Automatically locks when an earthquake occurs and the lock is automatically released under normal conditions



  • Latch: ± 2 mm (± 0.079") in the front and rear direction
  • Catch: +4 mm (+0.16") in the upper direction, -6 mm (-0.24") in the lower direction.


  •  Latch: W47 × H30 × D60mm (1.85 x 1.18 x 2.36")
  •  Catch: W37 × H27 × D34mm (1.46 x 1.06 x 1.34")



  • White (PFR 52210401F2)
  • Dark Brown (PFR 52210403F2)
  • Light Grey (PFR 52210404F2)
Country of Origin
  • Made in Japan


Mechanism Operating Features

Inactive State (No Earthquake)

[Door closed state]

Inactive State (Closed Door)

When the door is fully closed the latch will be in this position. In regular use, the latch will rise and fall as the door is opened and closed. The catch will also adjust automatically so that it is in the correct position.

[Door open state]

Inactive State (Open Door)
The tip of the latch is raised to its highest position as the lock mechanism is not fitted into the latch. The diagram below shows the door in an open position and the latch in its standby state.

Active State (Tremors Detected)

[Door closed state]

State Active (Door Closed)
When an earthquake occurs the door will not open as the movement of the earthquake sensor will cause the lock mechanism to rotate and lock the latch in place. When the tremors stop the earthquake sensor will return to its original position meaning that the door can be opened and closed as usual without the need to undergo any unlocking procedure.

[Door open state]

Active State (Door Open)

When large tremors occur, a situation may arise in which the contents of the furniture are left leaning against the door. In this situation, the lock mechanism will lock the latch meaning the furniture's contents will not fall out. You can release the lock in this situation by pushing the slightly open door to fully close it.


Mounting Conditions

Condition 1

The furniture must be level. concealed hinges must be correctly adjusted. 

PFR-TSAα Mounting Condition 1

Condition 2

The mounting points on the door and the cabinet must be made of wood. (This product cannot be affixed to glass, metal, etc.)

PFR-TSAα Mounting Condition 2: Cannot be mounted on

Condition 3

This product can only be used on furniture with a 'concealed hinge with catch' (spring).
※ However, there are situations in which you cannot use this product on 'push-open doors'.PFR-TSAα Mounting Condition 3

Condition 4

The following condition is the recommended door size. 

PFR-TSAα Mounting Condition 4

Condition 5

Hole sizes of catch : Diaφ 0.08" ~ 0.1", Depth 0.2" ~ 0.4"

** Please read DISCLAIMER on the back of the Product catalog or installation instruction manual. Freak accident may occur in the case of mounting without following instructions listed in DISCLAIMER. **

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