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Heavy Duty Truck Module Kit

HD Truck Module makes the DirecLink Brake Controller compatible with most Heavy Duty Trucks (HD Truck Module must be purchased separately)
Peterbilt Trucks
Semi Trucks
Volvo Truck

 The following describes the products needed to convert a commercial air-brake Heavy Duty Truck for towing an RV or other type trailer having electric or electric hydraulic brakes.

 The three products needed for the conversion are the DirecLink DL-100 network based brake controller with an HD Truck Module from Tuson RV Brakes and the Jackalopee from Szmyt ET Products. The DL-100 connects to the trucks network via the OBD port and provides a proportional braking signal to the trailer brakes through the Jackalopee.  The Jackalopee converts the commercial truck OEM lights and trailer brake wiring to the standard 7-way RV style connector.  Since different HD Trucks have different styles of OBD connectors, it is important to select the matching HD Truck Module connector.


 Visually inspect the OBD port on your HD Truck which is usually located under the dash or near the driver’s door.

  • Is the connector round?
  • How many cavities does the connector have, six (6) or nine (9)?
  • What color and is the connector black or green?
  • Is the connector rectangular with sixteen (16) pins?

 Each of these choices fits one of the four OBD port styles:

  1. Six (6) Pin Black (HDCON-6PIN)
  2. Nine (9) Pin Black (HDCON-9PIN)
  3. Nine (9) Pin Green (HDCON-9PIN-G500)
  4. Rectangular Sixteen (16) Pin ( HDCON-16PIN)

 Select the appropriate HD Truck Module Kit along with the DirecLink DL-100 Brake Controller and purchase both.

 Go to the Szmyt ET Products website:  and purchase the Jackalopee.   

 Follow the product installation instructions and your ready to tow your RV with your HD Truck.

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