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Heavy Duty Truck Module Kit-6Pin (HDCON-6PIN)

Heavy Duty Truck Module Kit-6Pin (HDCON-6PIN)

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6-Pin Heavy Duty Truck Module Kit
The Heavy Duty (HD) Truck Module Kit is used to convert the data network of your Heavy Duty Truck to a network that is compatible with the DirecLink brake controller. For trucks with a six (6) pin Deutsch connector.


Box Contents:
-HD Truck Module
-HD Truck Cable (6 Pin)
-DB9 Extension Cable


Advantages of the DirecLink brake controller for HD Trucks:
  • Connects to the truck’s network to provide fast and accurate proportional trailer braking
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Works with electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brake systems (1 to 4 axles) 
  • Offers the most comprehensive towing diagnostics for truck & trailer status and connections
  • Vehicle speed is monitored which allows the driver to adjust for high and low-speed braking
  • Error messages are in “plain English” and reset automatically when the error is corrected
  • Allows the driver to “fine tune” the trailer brake level for optimal performance & satisfaction
The HD Truck Module works with the Direclink (DL-100 and DL-200NE versions) to provide the features listed below:

It’s A Network Computer

It links with your tow vehicle’s computer network and uses multiple data parameters in a proprietary way to create amazingly proportional trailer braking.

Easy Installation and Set-up

DirecLink automatically syncs with your tow vehicle - just plug it in and let it do the configuring for you. Raise or lower the level of braking and you’re ready to go. No holes to drill, no directional mounting.

Large Color Display

The large color display makes it easy to use the DirecLink as a diagnostic tool for your towable brake system to ensure that all monitored functions are good or to resolve any problems.

Electric Drum or Hydraulic

DirecLink works with electric drum brakes and electric-hydraulic actuators, automatically configuring to match your trailer’s brake type.

Proven Technology

DirecLink uses exactly the same computer network that controls your car, truck or SUV so you can count on this proven technology. By linking the data of your tow vehicle to your trailer brake system, both vehicles work seamlessly together.

Real-Time Data

DirecLink maintains complete situational awareness because it continuously monitors your tow vehicle’s computer network. When you apply the brakes, it has a complete picture of what is happening. DirecLink creates precise braking curves to match the rapidly changing demands of your trailer brakes.

How it Works

DirecLink works well with the "Jackalopee", an electrical interface that converts HD Truck trailer connectors to RV style connectors.

*Compatible with DL-100 and DL-200NE ONLY

HD Truck Module Works with:

  • Peterbilt
  • Freightliner
  • Kenworth
  • International
  • Volvo
  • Western Star
  • and others

HD Kit Truck Compatibility Chart

HD Truck Kit Model# Year  Vehicle Make
HDCON-6PIN 1996-2000 For All Heavy Duty
HDCON-9PIN 2001-2015 For All Heavy Duty
HDCON-9PIN-G500 2016-Present

Peterbilt, International, Kenworth, and Freightliner ONLY

*Some 2014-2016 Vehicle Years MAY use the HDCON-9PIN-G500, it is best to check the mating connector on the tow vehicle before purchasing.

HDCON-16PIN 2016-Present

Volvo and MACK ONLY

*Some 2014-2016 Vehicle Years MAY use the HDCON-9PIN-G500, it is best to check the mating connector on the tow vehicle before purchasing.