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TPMS Sensor for Tuson Towable TPMS


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NOTE:  Tuson TPMS sensors ARE NOT compatible with truck OEM Trailer TPMS systems (GM, FORD, DODGE etc.)

The Tuson TPMS Sensors are automotive-grade internal sensors designed to monitor tire pressure and temperature consistently and wirelessly transmit data to the receiver. Each sensor has a unique ID# to identify the sensor to the receiver.

These are internal sensors that are securely mounted to the valve stem or using a band and bracket kit (not included) inside the tire to prevent damage and/or theft. Internal sensors provide more accurate pressure and temperature readings than external sensors.

The sensors are motion-activated and will go into sleep mode when the wheels stop moving to preserve sensor battery life. Sensors may take a few minutes to wake-up. Once the wheel speed is over 12 mph/20 kph, then the sensor will wake-up and will continue transmitting messages to the receiver every minute while moving.

As a general reference, the sensor battery life is about 5 years when driven 4 hours per day. Sold individually.

Technical Specs

Operating Voltage 3V DC
Operating Frequency 433 MHz
Operating Temperature -22°F~257°F (-30°C~125°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F~257°F (-40°C~125°C)
Tire Pressure Monitoring Range 0~203 ±1.5 psi (0~1400 ±10 kPa)
Tire Temperature Monitoring Range -40°F~257°F±5.4°F (-40°C~125°C±3℃)

30 g (1 Oz)


Sensor, clamp-in type,1500 Kpa (without valve)

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