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Tuson TPMS Repeater is not compatible with any factory installed TPMS system.

It only works with Tuson TPMS system!

The Tuson TPMS Repeater is designed to boost the signal strength up to 100 feet from the tire sensors to the receiver (monitor) in the tow vehicle. The repeater features power (red) and ground (black) wires to connect to the trailer battery or any power source that provides a constant 12/24V power. The repeater is waterproof and can be exposed to the outside elements without being damaged.

On trailers greater than 20 feet long, the repeater must be installed to provide the receiver enough signal strength from the sensors. For small trailers, the receiver may pick up the sensors without the repeater installed however, we highly recommend you install the repeater. In addition to boosting signal strength, the repeater is also designed to transmit the trailer battery voltage to the receiver.

The repeater does not need to be disconnected from the power source, because it is motion activated and will go into sleep mode when the trailer is not moving. Therefore, the repeater may take a few minutes while driving to wake-up and start transmitting messages to the receiver. Sold individually.


Technical Specs

Operating Voltage 12~24V DC
Operating Current 11.2 mA
Operating Frequency 433 MHz
Operating Temperature -4°F~185°F (-20°C~85°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F~185°F (-40°C~85°C)
Cable Length 90 inches (2300 mm)
Size 3.5”x3.8”x0.9” (88 x 96 x 23 mm)

6 Oz (170 g)


Repeater (with 2 screws + 5 cable ties)

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Works great

I recently purchased a Tuson TPMS system for my travel trailer. It works great. I am now installing a repeater and sensors on my boat trailer so I can monitor the tire tempertures and pressures on it.

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