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TPMS Receiver: Normal Pressure Screen


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The Tuson TPMS Receiver (monitor) allows the driver to monitor the tire pressure and temperature of up to 10-wheels for up to 3-vehicle memory selections. The receiver will also monitor trailer battery voltage when the repeater is connected to a trailer battery. A 12~24V cigarette lighter cable is included to power the receiver in the tow vehicle. The Tuson Display Power Cable (sold separately) can also be used to power the receiver with a 9V battery to make the "Tire Sensor ID Pairing" process easier. 

The receiver has two menus: Driving Mode and Setting Mode. When in Driving Mode, the receiver will automatically cycle between pressure, temperature, and trailer battery for that selected vehicle memory. When in Settings Mode, you can select the vehicle memory to customize and monitor when in Driving Mode. When monitoring more than 6-wheels on a vehicle memory, the Driving Mode will display the pressure and then temperature for the first 6-wheels and then the pressure and temperature for the additional wheels in the next screen before moving to the trailer battery voltage screen. Alerts on the receiver will continue to appear until the issue with the sensor or repeater has been addressed/cleared.

Sold individually.

Technical Specs

Operating Voltage 12~24V DC
Operating Current 120 mA
Operating Frequency 433 MHz
Operating Temperature -4°F~185°F (-20°C~85°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F~185°F (-40°C~85°C)
Monitored Pressure Range 0~203 ± 1.5 psi (0~1400 ±10 kPa)
Monitored Temperature Range -40°F~257°F ±5.4°F (-40°C~125°C ±3°C)
Size 4.5”x2.1”x1” (116.5 x 53 x 25 mm)

3.4 Oz (95 g)


(Display Screen) Receiver + Cigarette Lighter Cable (Vin=12V) + Suction Cup Holder