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Internal Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Aluminum IVS (TPMS4W-A)

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Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Four (4) Wheels Kit 


Introducing the NEW Tuson Towable TPMS. Our automotive-grade internal sensor design provides the most accurate pressure and temperature readings and last 5-10x longer than external sensors. Also provides trailer battery monitoring. This new system features aluminum interchangeable valve stems that are universally compatible with both 0.453" and 0.625" diameter rim hole sizes. Now with up to 3-vehicle memory and monitoring for up to 10 tires per vehicle memory.
Replaces Prior TPMS Models: TPMS4WIVS, TPMS4W4V, TPMS4W6V

Box Contents:
- One (1) Receiver / Display
- Four (4) Internal Sensors
- Four (4) Aluminum Interchangeable Valve Stems for both 0.453" and 0.625" diameter
- One (1) RF Repeater


Why do you need a TPMS system for your trailer tires? Maintaining properly inflated tires has been proven to:

  • Increase Fuel Economy
  • Extend Tire Life
  • Improves towing safety by giving the trailer better steering, stopping and traction
  • Increases Environmental Efficiency

Help prevent tire blow-outs by constantly monitoring tire pressure and temperature wirelessly with Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

The Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS4W-A) can instantly detects trailer tire pressure and temperature of 3-vehicle memories for up to ten (10) tires per vehicle memory. The wireless tire pressure and temperature sensors mount inside your trailer tires using the aluminum interchangeable valve stem (IVS-A) and transmit signals in RF mode to a monitoring module inside your tow vehicle that displays individual tire pressure and temperature. The Towable TPMS allows drivers to monitor the current status of all their trailer tires, increasing towing safety by allowing the driver to monitor all tires while towing.


This model contains aluminum interchangeable valve stems. When dismounting the tire, check to see which grommet fits in the wheel's valve stem hole to assemble the correct grommet on each valve stem. Generally, the smaller .453 size is compatible with trailer tires 16 inches in diameter or less. The larger .625 valve stems are for tires larger than 16 inches, which would be found on extra-large trailers. 

Internal Sensor

The internal sensor monitors tire pressure and temperature in real-time and wirelessly transmits data to the receiver. The sensor is attached to the valve stem inside the tire to prevent damage or theft. Internal sensors provide the most accurate and reliable pressure and temperature readings and are more environmentally-friendly with longer-lasting battery life than external sensors.

 External VS Internal TPMS Sensors

Interchangeable Valve Stems (IVS)

Not sure what size your current valve stems are on your wheels? No worries! Tuson now makes retrofitting your tires with our TPMS system easier than ever with the aluminum interchangeable valve stems (IVS-A). The IVS-A is designed to be universally compatible with the 0.453” and 0.625” diameter rim hole sizes in passenger vehicles, towables, and fifth wheels. Our IVS-A is currently made out of aluminum (brass and steel band kit versions are available). With the rubber or nickel-plated steel washer and rubber grommet you can rest assured that galvanic corrosion will not occur.

RF Repeater

The RF Repeater is motion-activated and designed to boost the signal strength from the tire sensors to the receiver (monitor) in the tow vehicle.  The waterproof repeater is a plug and play device using power and ground wires to connect to the trailer battery or any constant 12/24V power source for easy installation. When powered to the trailer battery, the repeater transmits trailer battery voltage to the receiver.


The receiver (monitor) allows the driver to monitor the tire pressure and temperature of up to 10-wheels for up to 3-vehicle memory selection. The receiver will also monitor trailer and vehicle battery voltage. The receiver has two modes: driving and setting mode. Driving mode cycles between pressure, temperature, and trailer battery for the selected vehicle memory. Setting mode allows drivers to fully customize their trailer tire monitoring system.

Continuously Monitors Critical Tire Monitoring Parameters

  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Temperature
  • Sensors' Battery Voltage
  • Repeater's Input Voltage

Visual and Audible Alarms

Tuson TPMS Feature Icons

When the TPMS sensor detects any abnormalities, the sensor immediately transmits visual and audible alarm warnings to the receiver. Never miss a beep!

Easy Installation & Pairing

Each Tuson Towable TPMS kit comes with designated wheel orientation marks on the surface of each sensor. When each sensor is installed according to the corresponding wheels, no initial pairing is required. Our design makes installation and pairing easy.

Long-term Cost Savings

Using the Tuson Towable TPMS not only saves you money through increased fuel economy, extended tire life, but the internal sensor has up to 5x the life expectancy of an external cap sensor. Tuson's internal sensors use the same integrated sensor design used in the OEM automotive industry and can last up to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use.

Adjustable & Customizable Settings

Customize your trailer tire monitoring settings just the way you like it right at your fingertips. The Tuson Towable TPMS receiver allows you to select the pressure (kPa, psi, Bar) and temperature (°C, °F) units and set your desired temperature and pressure value to suit your needs.

Interchangeable Wheel Order

No need to remove the TPMS sensor from each tire during a tire rotation. The TPMS receiver allows you to easily change the locations of the sensors according to the tire rotation arrangement.

Receiver Specification

Item Specification
Operating Voltage 12~24V DC
Operating Current 120mA
Operating Frequency 433MHz
Operating Temperature -4°F~185°F (-20°C~85°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F~185°F (-40°C~85°C)
Monitored Pressure Range 0~203±1.5 psi (0~1400±10 kPa*)
Monitored Temperature Range -40°F~257°F±5.4°F (-40°C~125°C±3°C)
Size 4.5”x2.1”x1” (116.5x53x25 mm)
Weight 3.4 Oz (95g)

* Note: For kPa as pressure unit, the receiver will show “HI” on the display screen if pressure value is over 999 kPa. Otherwise, receiver shows the value normally in psi, Bar unit.


Repeater Specification


Item Specification
Operating Voltage 12~24V DC
Operating Current 11.2mA
Operating Frequency 433MHz
Operating Temperature -4°F~185°F (-20°C~85°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F~185°F (-40°C~85°C)
Cable Length 90 inch (2300 mm)
Size 3.5”x3.8”x0.9” (88x96x23mm)
Weight 6.0oz (170g)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tire safety done right!

I bought the complete system for our RV and 3 horse trailers. 100% reliable and solid.

New to RV'ing, wanted additional safety measure

We recently purchased our first RV & installed the TPMS for an added bit of safety & security so we would know the pressure & temperature of the tires. The unit works as advertised & we were able to monitor the tires from the truck while driving down the road. Within the first 20 minutes it alerted us that we had our pressure to high. We were able to pull over and adjust the tire pressure and continue on our way safely.

Thank you for the favorable review. We are glad the TPMS lives up to your expectations and gives you an additional safety measure.

Eddie Manuel
Peace of mind

After a trailer-damaging blowout on my new fifth wheel RV, I figured I better install the TPMS system that came with the tow pkg on my GMC p'up. Not so fast! The GMC sending units will only fit the smaller size of wheels hole, and max readout is 80psi. Not much good to me when 110 psi cold is recommended in the tires.

After some online shopping, the Tuson pkg sounded good. Really fast shipping! And my local tire shop was a reasonable $80 to install and check balance. The sending units are light enough that only one tire needed a re-balance.

Maiden voyage was yesterday. Don't forget to screw on the monitor unit antenna! After a relocation of the relay inside my front cargo compartment, I got good signal, and was able to watch my tires start out at 110 psi and 80 deg, to stabilize to 125 psi and 155 degrees. I was a bit surprised at these values, but I guess these tires are working hard, supporting over 15,000 lbs at 65 mph.


Thank you for a favorable review of the Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System. We strive to give you the best products. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Larry Barnett
Great Product

I recently installed the Tuson Towable TPMS system on my travel trailer. I used it for the first time last week. It functioned as advertised and I was able to see the pressure and temperature of the tires on my trailer as well as the battery voltage on the trailer batteries. Excellent product.

Thank you for the favorable review. We are glad our product lives up to your expectations.


This kit was installed on tandem axle boat trailer including spare tire. Piece of mind to look at display instead of mirrors constantly. Alabama bass fishing, here we come. Quality parts and perfect fit.


Thank you for the great review. We are happy you like the Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System.