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**NEW** Tuson TPMS Sensor Activation Tool (TPMS-TRIGGER)

**NEW** Tuson TPMS Sensor Activation Tool (TPMS-TRIGGER)

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Tuson TPMS Trigger Tool
Designed for
All Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Product Introduction

The Tuson TPMS Sensor Activation Tool (a.k.a trigger tool) now makes ID pairing your Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring System's (TPMS) sensors to the TPMS display/receiver faster & easier than ever before. 

Compatible with all Tuson Towable Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

  1. The aim is to quickly detect if the Tuson Retrofit TPMS Sensor is operating normally or not.
  2. Use the trigger tool to trigger the sensor, instead of using tire deflation to get the signal, saving time for ID learning and checking the tire pressure value (shown in the receiver display Tuson TPMS Retrofit Kit).


    Product List

     No Part Name Qty
    1 TPMS Sensor Activation Tool 1
    2 1.5V AAA Battery 2
    3 User Manual 1

    Technical Specifications

    Operating Voltage 3V DC
    Operating Current 65 Ma
    Operating Temperature -0.4°F~131°F (-18°C~55°C)
    Operating Radio Frequency LF:125KHz, RF: 433MHz
    Modulation ASK/FSK
    Storage Temperature -0.4°F~131°F (-18°C~55°C)
    Battery AAA 1.5V *2
    Dimension 5.9 x 2.2 x 1.3" (150 x 55 x 32mm)
    Weight 3.5oz ± 0.2oz (98g ± 5g)

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